Our Company Profile

Our Vision

Sustainable tourism can protect the country’s natural and cultural riches and create economic opportunity.


“Discovery and Authenticity."


Avoid Negative impact; improve human resources commitment of authenticity through travel and tourism.

Our Positioning Map

Our office is located at

252, Yin Mar Myaing Street, Thuwana VIP-1, Thingan Gyun TS, P.O 11071, Yangon.

Strategy Formulation & Implementation

Cooperate planning among the team is our central part of the implementation process.
We focus on our brand in terms of environmental & sustainable guidelines

Strategic implementation

Our CEO makes understand the team how to maintain the brand and market to distinguish "Authentic Myanmar" from the competition and give it a reliable & reasonable selling proposal so that customer will choose us over the competition.

Action plan (2018-2020)

  • Our CEO voluntarily participates in “European Market Developing Committee” organized by the Ministry of Hotels & Tourism and Tourism Organizations
  • Our CEO is a General Secretary, BoD of ASTA, American Society of Travel Agents
  • Participation of Trade Show in Cambodia, MITM, October 2018 organized by MTM ( Tourism Organization)
  • Participation of Trade Show in Vietnam, Halong Bay, ATF, January 2019 organized by “ASEAN Market Developing Committee.”
  • Participation of Trade Show in Spain, FITUR, January 2019 organized by “European Market Developing Committee.”
  • Will participate in a Road Show in Miami, ASTA Convention, August 2019 organized by “European Market Developing Committee.”
  • Will attend ITB Trade Show in ITB-Asia, October 2019, Singapore.
  • New business development plan: Authentic Myanmar Online Ticketing
  • Development of Innovation in Tourism Sector: Please check on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram: “Authentic Myanmar Travel & DMC”/”Authentic Myanmar OutboundTours.”
  • Innovation ideas & program are to be continued
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